Do you want to participate in the search for truffles with us? Come and visit us in the green woods of Busso, in Molise, to live an experience never tried before!

We want to share with you the emotions that we feel every day: the pleasure of coming in contact with nature, the company of our four-legged friends, the tranquillity that spreads the forest and the joy that comes from finding a truffle.
You will discover the research methods together with an expert truffle hunter, the differences between the various truffles, and the plants that allow their formation.
Truffle Experience is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in nature and want to discover the process of searching for truffles.
We will meet in Busso then we will move together to go into the woods and see how a truffle hunter works with his dog.
For this hike in the woods, we recommend wearing long trousers and comfortable shoes.
After this experience, there is the opportunity to have lunch or dinner with dishes rich in truffles.
To get all the information and book your excursion, contact us via:
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  • Call or Whatsapp: +39 3208180499
  • Instagram Direct Message: @truffletartu
  • By filling out the form below
We will reply as soon as possible and we will be happy to explain in detail what Truffle Experience includes and how it works.