It all started over 9 years ago. I (@gianluca_saluppo), together with my son Valerio, discovered a large expanse of fresh truffles during the care and maintenance of our garden in the countryside of Busso, a small town in Molise. We are lovers of good food, we have great respect for nature and we believe in the zero kilometer philosophy.

Without fear of getting our hands dirty, we started with a passion to dedicate ourselves to the search for this delicious mushroom. Starting from the experience of quarrymen, over the years we have refined the techniques and procedures acquiring in-depth knowledge about the truffle and the territory.

We started selling many of the truffles collected to friends and local restaurants. The constant request and word of mouth led us to found Tartù, a family business. With dedication and commitment, we have specialized in the research, selection and sale of the Truffle.



In the splendid centuries-old woods of Molise, the search for this delicacy is constant throughout the year. We have a privileged relationship with nature and an accomplice bond with animals.

Every day, at the first light of dawn, we collect high-quality fresh truffles, with the help of our inseparable four-legged friends.

Each of our truffles represents a network of expert Molise truffle hunters, specialized skills, and hard work. We work closely with all of our associates to ensure they meet all of our rigorous standards.

We carefully check and select every single truffle according to traditional methods, preserving all their naturalness. We preserve the scent, taste, and wonderful properties and distribute it the same day it is harvested.

Although the reach has expanded and the team has grown, Tartù remains deeply linked to methods, traditions of origin, and ancient knowledge handed down from truffle hunter to truffle hunter.

What drives us is our passion. What drives us is our commitment to quality and our top priority is customer satisfaction. We follow the complete cycle from quarrying to sale. Traceability, monitoring, and storage at controlled temperatures allow us to offer a fresh product of Molise origin.

Today we supply fresh truffles and truffle products to restaurants, private individuals, and processing workshops in not only Italy but also the rest of the world.



Particular climatic and environmental conditions are needed to ensure that nature generates the truffle. The quality varies depending on the ecosystem in which it develops.

From the Adriatic coast to the Apennine peaks, Molise has diversified and particular climatic conditions, which make it unique in the Italian panorama.

With a favorable climate and a natural environment with low anthropization, we can count on a very valuable product that few other regions can boast. Here nature is intact and has not undergone industrial manipulation.

All of these factors make our region one of the ideal places for the proliferation of this underground fungus. Molise has the distinction of being the richest Italian region in truffles, in particular prized White Truffle, the highest quality of this food that is developed only in Italy.

In the collective imagination, there are regions of Italy considered as the main places for the development of this delicacy despite having a lower production than Molise. About 40% of the entire Italian collection of truffles comes from our small region. A little-known fact but with a very important value, certainly conditioned by the quality of the natural habitat, ideal for the proliferation of this prized mushroom.